QiuNiu™ - Ceramic Dragon Backflow Incense Burner

Yes, we know, it's epic, that is the reason it's here.
Now let's talk about this amazing piece a little bit before you let your epic self be manifested through it.
here are some things you want to know about QiuNiu™,
  • Traditional oriental Dragon Design.
  • Works with standard Backflow Incense Cones.
  • Includes Incense Stick Holder.
  • Perfect for Aromatherapy, Relaxation, and Meditation.
  • Improves Concentration and Mood.
  • Powerful Sleeping Aid.
  • Size: Height: 5.9in (15cm); Width 6.3in (16cm), Length 6.3in (16cm).
  • Made from Ceramic.

You can be sure QiuNiu™ will look just as a epic no matter where you place it.

How it Works: Light an Incense Cone and place it on top of the QiuNiu™ head. Before long, ash will form on the top of the cone. This will push the smoke downwards through a small hole in the incense burner and create a smoke trail that will start flowing magically from the Dragon's mouth! (N.B. The backflow incense cones needed to create the smoke effect are included with this product - a gift from us).
Please allow 10-20 business days for the item to arrive

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