Why Huginn & Muninn Are On Our Viking Raven Necklace

Why Huginn & Muninn Are On Our Viking Raven Necklace

Huginn & Muninn were extensions of God Odin’s mind. In ancient Norse mythology, Odin is the source of terror for he is in control of death, sorcery, and execution. However, he also has a softer side. Odin moderates knowledge, poetry, and healing too. We find this duality of personality fascinating. Perhaps this is why his memory endures so powerfully in the minds of his offspring, the Germanic peoples.

Odin is a curious person, a control freak if you like. He wants to know our innermost thoughts, but he is an old man with one wild eye and a long grizzled beard. Unlike his Viking warriors, he could never travel to the farthest corners of the earth to spy on us directly. But, he has a secret weapon, a pair of ravens on loan from a Viking longboat. We have a sterling silver raven necklace showing their sharp beaks and curious eyes.

What Huginn & Muninn Were Doing on the Viking Boat

Viking explorers were able to travel to the farthest corners of the earth in search of treasure. They had no maps to follow. They used the knowledge bestowed on them by gods to navigate safely through stormy oceans.

When the sighted a cloud they thought might be hiding land, they released a raven. If their thinking was correct, they followed the path of the blackbird. If not, the raven returned to the boat. We immortalized their supernatural relationship on our Celtic raven necklace.

Ravens Represent Odin’s Memories and Thoughts

The twin ravens of Huginn & Muninn represent thought and memory, respectively. When Odin dispatches them on a mission, they become those aspects of himself. Muninn carries Odin’s memory everywhere he flies, while Huginn bears Odin’s latest thought in her sharp mind. Our Viking raven necklace makes a precious gift for someone special, and they will treasure the memory for a long time.

Odin frets his ravens will not return just like those ancient Viking sailors, although they always faithfully do. He wears a silver raven necklace over his long coat so they recognize him when they return. Having human failings like this makes him someone we can relate to.

The Deeper Inner Meaning of the Ravens and the God

Ancient Norse thoughts come down to us through the Poetic Edda published in the 13th Century, as Viking military power was waning. A translation of an anonymous poem reads:

Huginn and Muninn, over the fields of earth fly daily; fear creepeth upon my soul,

Of Huginn, lest he come not faithfully; But of Muninn I have greater fear than this.

What strange message does that bring us across the stormy seas of time? Does Odin fear losing his memory (muninn) or his huginn mind. Could this be a contradictory riddle such as Zen Buddhists use to provoke enlightenment in the face of illogical reasoning. There could be a deeper meaning behind our historic Celtic raven necklace.

Some believe that memory and mind are the same thing, but they are not. Memory endures; it is the collective store of all our thoughts. But thoughts themselves only exist for a moment in our mind. If we want to recall them, we have to access them from memory that we hope lasts forever.  

I am Sceptical. How Do I Know Any of This Is True?

The Norse received these mysteries from an even older lineage. The earliest record is a golden medal dating from the 5th Century, when warlike tribes entered from the east and conquered the Roman Empire. The medal bears an image of a person riding a horse, and holding a spear with a bird on either side. Scholars believe this is the oldest image of Odin, Huginn & Muninn. 

Moreover, a Vendel Era helmet survives from the 7th Century when Viking power was at its height. The plate adorning it bears a figure, holding a spear and a shield while riding a horse, flanked by two birds. Furthermore, the preserved Viking Oseberg ship has a tapestry with a scene of two black birds hovering over a horse. If Huginn & Muninn are fantasy then the deception is well over a thousand years old.

Falsity and lies are found out, and discarded. Great truths remain in our collective memory, and endure. This is one of the great proofs for religion and mythology. Huginn & Muninn are a persistent belief proving they are alive. A drum roll please for this very lovely sterling silver Viking raven necklace. It is perfect companion everywhere you go at an affordable price that makes it unique.


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